CARAT Coronary Anomaly Case Study Index

Between 2007 and 2013, the CARAT reporting system prospectively identified 577 coronary artery anomalies at all Alberta cardiac centres, representing slightly less than 1% of all initial diagnostic coronary angiograms performed. The frequency distribution of vessels with anomalies was: Circumflex - 65%; RCA - 21% and LCA (LM, LAD or LAD plus Lcx) - 12%.

Examples of the 16 different anomaly types that have been recorded are included in this Case Series. Each case includes selected video clips, a CARAT diagram with construction guidelines, and text highlighting key features of the anomaly.

The Index of all anomalies included in this Series is shown below. The anomalous vessel is indicated to the left with a description to the right of the point-of-origin and pathway followed by each anomaly. The Q file numbers shown in green are the CARAT Template Button identifiers that are key to rendering the appropriate anomaly diagram.

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LAD and LCx



Single Coronary Artery

Septal Perforators

  • Septal from RC SinusQ9.A.1

We hope this case study series will be informative for technicians, students, and experienced angiographers alike. Should you encounter other anomalies not included in these examples, we would greatly appreciate hearing from you - We would be interested in including these unique experiences in this Series for the benefit of all CARAT users.