APPROACH is proud to offer the following software products.


APPROACH, a detailed listing of patients who have undergone invasive heart procedures, is the world’s largest and most comprehensive cardiac registry, providing critical information about what works in cardiac care by tracking patient outcomes. The registry makes use of hospital readmission statistics, death rates, and questionnaires about patients’ quality of life. The result: a realistic picture of what coronary heart disease looks and feels like.

CARAT: The Intersection of Science and Art

CARAT (Coronary Artery Reporting and Archiving Tool) is a state-of-the-art graphic recording and communication application for medical caregivers. As the artist paints details onto a canvas, so the medical practitioner can "paint" arterial details directly onto an anatomically accurate representation of the heart. Blockages, narrowing, lesions, hardening, and any other features are added at the stroke of a mouse.


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