CARAT (Coronary Artery Reporting and Archiving Tool) Overview

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CARAT: The Intersection of Science and Art

CARAT (Coronary Artery Reporting and Archiving Tool) is a state-of-the-art graphic recording and communication application for medical caregivers. As the artist paints details onto a canvas, so the medical practitioner can "paint" arterial details directly onto an anatomically accurate representation of the heart. Blockages, narrowing, lesions, hardening, and any other features are added at the stroke of a mouse.

Once a patient's arterial condition is accurately reflected in the on-screen CARAT diagram, the diagram can then be printed, or exported in PDF format and shared online or via email. In Alberta, the CARAT diagram is exported to Alberta Netcare for immediate access by clinicians. Finally, there is an accurate and consistent coronary artery information recording and communicating format for cardiologists, CT angiographers, and other medical caregivers.

Precise, concise, intuitive, and attractive, CARAT makes coronary artery reporting and archiving a fine art.

CARAT® Screenshot

One-Minute CARAT Diagram

CARAT is powerful, intuitive, easy, and quick, as this short video clip demonstrates.

Video: CARAT Diagram based on CT Angio

CARAT Benefits

• CARAT was designed to promote standardization of interpretation and coronary anatomy reporting precision.

• CARAT produces an attractive graphic that is understandable to health professionals and patients.

• CARAT allows recording of exacting surgical and interventional procedural detail, while archiving all of this information for future recall and analysis.

• The CARAT tool includes automated myocardial mapping and quantification of areas placed at risk by coronary lesions.

• CARAT provides a reporting module for CT angiography. It will be important to track practice patterns as CT angiography is adopted into mainstream clinical practice.

• CARAT generates a wealth of powerful and detailed reports to allow for statistical analysis and archiving.

• CARAT is user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to learn, ensuring ease of implementation.


The CARAT Workspace

CARAT Workspace with blank diagram.


CARAT Workspace with a complex double arterial CABG diagram.
(Click here to see a large version of this CARAT diagram)

System Requirements

• IE8 through IE11 - Anything above IE11 is not supported

• When running IE11, both Document Mode and User Agent String is required to be set to IE10

• Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6.1

• 4GB+ ram, quad core recommended for CARAT

• Adobe Acrobat reader (to view PDF APPROACH/CARAT reports)

To learn more:

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