The APPROACH Application

The APPROACH software is copywritten, and began with a cathlab and CV surgery database in Alberta in 1995. Since then many improvements have been made to individual modules as well as adding a number of modules. The diagram below displays all the current modules.



Automated Reports

Over the past decade APPROACH has developed numerous reporting tools to support the work of health care institutions. It is essential to provide accurate, reliable and timely access to data. Information about patient activities, client operations, performance reporting, and user management/security are presented in a streamlined manner that is also customizable to meet the requirements of administrators, managers and clinicians.

Report generation is aimed to optimize patient safety, promote quality improvement, enhance operational practices and facilitate clinical research based on appropriate use of consistent data. APPROACH reports provide data and information to record program changes and track program performance. Additionally, APPROACH software provides ready access to reports that maximize effective decision-making and program implementation.

Categories of reports:

I. Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory
II. Cardiovascular Surgery
III. Waitlist Management
IV. Patient Level - Clinical / Procedural Reports
V. Quality Assurance / Quality Improvement
VI. Audit & Security
VII. Myocardial Perfusion Imaging
VIII. Acute Coronary Syndrome

Report Parameters by:

I. Facility
II. Unit
III. Start & End Date
IV. Sort Order
V. Procedures/ Diagnosis
VI. Patient level details or Aggregate
VII. Age /gender

Report Examples

The following are examples of the reports in each category:

I. Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory (CCL) - Information in this category is specific to procedures completed in the CCL (angiography, PCI, cardiac biopsy, etc).

• Procedural summary by Site / Health Region / Province
• Procedural summary by Priority / Urgency
• Cath / PCI Yearly Summary
• Cath Lab Resource Utilization (Devices, GPIIbIIIa, etc.)
• In –Lab Complications report
• Cath / PCI Indication reporting

II. Cardiovascular Surgery

• Monthly /Annual Surgical summary by Procedure, by Surgeon
• Surgical reporting by Health Region
• Surgery Complication Mortality
• Mortality tracking by age, gender, time
• Intra-op/Post-op detail tracking (clamp time, pump time, intra-op blood products, IABP, re-op incidence, etc.)

III. Waitlist Management (WLM)

• Procedural WLM (Angiogram, Angioplasty, CV Surgery, Thallium, Pacemaker, ICD, Valvuloplasty, and Electrophysiology study)
• In-Patient / Out-Patient WLM
• Referrals completed by Health Region
• Referral completed by Indication or Urgency
• Average & Median days waiting by Site, Health Region, or Urgency
• Summary of Surgery Referrals by Health Region

IV. Patient Level - Clinical / Procedural Reports (Individual patient reporting)

• Patient Summary - synopsis of information in APPROACH
• Detail Reports – synopsis of the data collected in each field of a module
• Angiogram & Angioplasty procedural detail report
• Referral Detail Report (cath lab, CV surgery, etc)
• Acute Coronary Syndrome Detail Report
• CARAT diagrammatic report for Angiogram, Angioplasty and CABG (pdf)
• Myocardial Perfusion Imaging report (pdf)

(Patient level clinical reports can be readily available to care providers to support clinical decision between institutions and alternate health region within the province of British Columbia as defined by the BC HIA).

V. Quality Assurance / Quality Information

• Missing data (ULI / PHN, procedural indications/priority, lab values)
• Incomplete/ incorrect demographic information (i.e. postal code)
• Data capture completion
• Missing/incomplete procedural diagrams

VI. Audit & Security

• Security Permission by User
• Report Permissions by User
• APPROACH Usage by individual site or hospital unit
• Log Viewer – Audit / integration of the database for a specific users activity or for activity on a specific patient file

VII. Myocardial Perfusion Imaging

• Volumes by procedure
• Physician activity

VIII. Acute Coronary Syndrome

• Clinical Adherence reporting (AMI / ACS treatment measures)
• STEMI time to treatment
• Patient descriptor (patient or aggregate detail)
• Admission / Discharge diagnosis by health region
• Cardiac Rehabilitation referral volumes by Diagnosis

Report Parameters

Report Parameters by:

I. Facility and Unit

• Provides the ability to query as specific or broad as desired
• Facility - specific site, health region or all site combined
• Unit – individual ward/unit areas units combined

II. Start & End Date

• Permits the ability to customize the time period in a data request.

III. Sort Order

• Allows the user the ability to have information displayed in a manner most conducive for review (i.e. sort by date, diagnosis, procedure)

IV. Procedures/ Diagnosis

• Search for information by specific procedure (angiogram, angioplasty, surgery or by diagnosis i.e. STEMI)

V. Patient level details or Aggregate

• Ability to restrict the presence of patient detailed information on reports.

VI. Age /gender

• Allows for incremental age and/or gender categories in reports for a more detailed review

VII. Physician and Staff Occupation

• Allows for sorting by physician or clinical specialty


Screenshots of APPROACH Web in action:

Login Screen

• The APPROACH Web secure login gateway.

Patient Search Screen

• Data is transferred securely and automatically from the hospital or institution's ADT system.

• The robust search capability allows you to filter searches to locate a patient by name, hospital number, and many other criteria.

Intuitive, user-friendly, familiar web-based interface maximizes productivity while minimizing the learning curve for new users.