Clinical Steering Committee

APPROACH’s clinical steering committee is responsible for the scientific integrity of research projects conducted on the APPROACH database, and assurance that the questions being asked are appropriate and properly supported by the data being collected.

The duties of the CSC include the following:

1) review of all data requests for feasibility and appropriateness
2) review and approval of all proposed research projects and manuscripts
3) review and approval of policies on privacy and confidentiality

The clinical steering committee meets to discuss APPROACH operations and research, and to map out the future directions for APPROACH.

Clinical Steering Commitee Members

Dr. Merril Knudtson, Principal Investigator – APPROACH
Dr. William Ghali, Director of Research – APPROACH
Dr. Wayne Tymchuk, Divisional Director – Division of Cardiology, University of Alberta
Dr. David Ross, Divisional Director – Division of Cardiac Surgery, University of Alberta
Dr. Neil Brass, Director – Cardiac Catheterization Lab, Royal Alexandra Hospital
Dr. Michelle Graham, Cardiologist – Alberta Health Services (Edmonton)
Dr. David Johnstone, Mazankowski Heart Institute
Dr. Todd Anderson, Director – Libin Cardiovascular Institute
Dr. Ed O’Brien, Head – Department of Cardiac Sciences, University of Calgary
Dr. Imtiaz Ali, Division Chief Cardiac Surgery, Calgary
Dr. Dean Traboulsi, Director – Cardiac Catheterization Lab, Foothills Medical Centre
Dr. Michael Curtis, Cardiologist – Alberta Health Services (Calgary)