National Partners of APPROACH

Several health regions and institutes have adopted APPROACH’s software as a basis for their own cardiovascular registry programs. APPROACH holds an annual meeting each fall to bring these institutions together to discuss issues and topics related to cardiovascular data collection and research.

We acknowledges the assistance of the following health regions for their support of online data entry, and we gratefully acknowledge the personnel at the participating sites for their diligence in data collection and entry:


British Columbia

Cardiac Services BC / Provincial Health Services Authority - HEART IS - est. 2012
Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria • St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver • Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver • Royal Columbian Hospital, Vancouver • Kelowna General Hospital, Kelowna
Carol Laberge
Provincial Executive Director
Jamie Bovill
Project Manager
Jim Abel
Cardiac Surgeon


Alberta Health Services- est. 1995
Alberta Health Services - Calgary Zone (2)
• Foothills Medical Centre: catheterization lab, CCU 103a/103b, units 81, 82, 92, Nuclear Medicine, CV surgery WLM, Navigation and CTA
• Peter Lougheed Centre: CCU/ICU, unit 44 Rockyview General Hospital: CCU/ICU, unit 71
• South Health Campus: CCU, Unit 66, Nuclear medicine, CTA
Alberta Health Services - Edmonton Zone (4)
• Royal Alexandra Hospital: cathlab WLM, catheterization lab
• University of Alberta Hospital: cathlab WLM, catheterization lab, CV surgery WLM, CV surgery
Alberta Health Services - South Zone (1)
• Medicine Hat Regional Hospital: ICU/CCU, 4 West, cathlab WLM
• Brooks Regional Hospital
• Chinook Regional Hospital: ICU/CCU (Responsible data collection/entry for ACS for all 8 regional health centres.)
In AB there are roughly 300 desktops installed with APPROACH and 3000 registered users. Many nurses and physicians access the APPROACH registry for real time information on their patients to facilitate care and decision-making. Examples of this usage include rural emergency departments, Cardiac Rehab and Living Healthy programs.

The full Alberta team information can be found here.


Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region - est. 2000
Regina General Hospital, Regina
Dr. Rod Zimmerman
Cath Lab Director
Dr. Andrea Lavoie
Vicki Ehrlich
Director, Cardiac Program
Janell Senft
Project Manager


Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre - est. 2001
Dr. Eric Cohen
Cardiac Cath Lab Director
Roger Berridge
Systems Administrator
Malou Galapin
Patient Care Manager, Cardiac Cath Lab

Rouge Valley Health System - Centenary Hospital - est. 2003
Dr. Peter Gladstone
Centenary Hospital
Glyn Boatswain
Cath Lab Manager

St. Michael's Hospital - est. 2005
Dr. Chris Buller
Cathlab Director
Jo-Ann Cristie, RN
Clinical Application Specialist
Rupert P. Lugg
Technical Analyst IT
John McConnell

London Health Sciences Centre - est. 2008
Dr. Patrick Teefy, MD
Cath Lab Director

Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre - est. 2013
Thunder Bay
Arlene Thomson
Director, CV and Stroke Program
Terri Gurney
Cath Lab Manager
Stephanie Needham
CV Data Specialist

Nova Scotia

APPROACH Nova Scotia - Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Center - est. 2001
Dr. Jaffna Cox
QEII Health Sciences Centre
Dr. Michael Love
Dr. Helen Curran

Newfoundland and Labrador

Health Care Corporation of St. John's - est. 2006
St. John's
Dr. Kevin Melvin
Chief of Cardiac Surgery
Dr. Neil Pearce
Cardiac Cath Lab Director
Beverley Sooley
Cardiac Surgery Utilization Manager
Jennifer Mathews
Research Nurse Coordinator


Winnipeg Regional Health Authority - est. 2016
Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre, Winnipeg
Dr. Rizwan Manji, MD
Cardiac Surgeon/Intensivist, APPROACH Site Leader
Kim Kummen
Administrative Director, Cardiac Sciences Program
Dr. John Ducas
Cath Lab Director
Dr. Alan Menkis
Medical Director
Gladys Cadieux
Project Manager
Carolyn Gilmour-Hillier
APROACH Coordinator

New Brunswick

St. John Regional Hospital - est. 2017
St. John
Dr. Ansar Hassan
Cardiac Surgeon
Dr. Jaro Hubacek
Janine Doucet
Administrative Director, NB Heart Centre
Michel Leger
Project Manager